Monitoring is one of the most significant parts of integrated pest control system operation. This is a process, during which is performed an inspection in premises and around the perimeter of the building, striving to identify pests, evaluate infectiousness level of premises, define reasons for emergence of pests, their access routes, involving professional knowledge and the latest technologies.
Goal – based on the results obtained in a comprehensive inspection, to apply the most efficient and economical solution for the pest-caused problem and to ensure that such problem don’t appear in future.
We perform monitoring in four sectors:

1. Food industry;
2. Agriculture;
3. Public sector;

Pest control in food industry sector
Pest control in food industry sector
We perform respective pest control measures in food companies according to the legislation developed in Latvia and HACCP basic principles (European Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 “On food hygiene”). As well as:

  • Conclude contracts on pest control in your company;
  • Evaluate CCP according to the HACCP requirements;
  • We develop and fulfil all requirements defined by BRC in high quality and timely (preventive pest control programmes, pest control procedures, etc.).


Pest control in agricultural sector

Pest control in agricultural sector
In case of long storage and transportation of products of agricultural origin, bacteria, viruses, unicell parasites and other pests may emerge in them causing a direct threat for human health.

We provide advice, recommendations and highest-level pest control services in any of agricultural sectors.

Pest control in public sector

Pest control in public sector
Pests don’t choose their habitat depending on the purpose of or activities performed at the site.
Public sector covers such epidemiologically significant sites as:

    • pre-school educational institutions;
    • kindergartens, schools, universities;
    • police stations;
    • prisons;
    • social assistance institutions;
    • hospitals;
    • and other institutions,

in which application of pest control preventive means is mandatory.

SIA PELIAS evaluates any epidemiologically significant site and individually chooses and applies the most efficient and economical solution methods.
Pest control in HORECA sector
Pest control in HORECA sector

Food processing, sale companies are epidemiologically significant sites included in the list of epidemiologically significant sites provided for by the Law on Epidemiological Safety.

SIA PELIAS, based on professional knowledge and obtained work experience, provides pest control services to restaurants, hotels and stores.



Based on SIA PELIAS experience and professional technical specialists, we perform inspections of companies in the field of pest control. If you are not sure whether your pest control programme operates according to the adopted standards, we will perform an inspection in your company.