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Disinfestation/deratization – elimination of rats, mice and other rodents. Special methods and means are used for disinfestation/deratization to observe, repel and eliminate rodents in order to avoid the re-emergence of rodents as much as possible.


Disinfestation/deratization measures are necessary because rodents not only cause financial loss, but also carries various diseases, viruses and infections.

We perform disinfestation/deratization for both natural and legal persons in all territory of Latvia.

PELIAS provides each client with an individual approach and professional service:

  • inspection of the site to ensure the best solution;
  • preparation of a deratization plan using the most effective means and the latest technologies;
  • installation of the necessary equipment;
  • regular inspection and monitoring of site.

It is important to know that we perform deratization only with materials, means, preparations registered in Latvia, which are safe for both people and pets.

We provide the client with all documentation related to deratization:

  • safety data sheets for all products and substances used;
  • health inspection permit;
  • employee qualification certificates;
  • work reports;
  • register of pest control.