Disinsection is elimination of creeping and flying pests (ants, bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, etc.).

We perform elimination of insects using:

  • mechanical;
  • physical;
  • chemical;
  • biological;
  • thermal means


Customers most often choose to use chemical treatment methods for elimination of insects.

One of the most effective methods is using dusting generators. SIA PELIAS has obtained a certified dusting generator from the representative of the American manufacturer CURTIS DYNA-FOG in the Baltic States, ensuring high-quality disinfection.

Dusting generator operation principle:
These dusting generators create a cold emulsion mist without using water as an insecticide carrier. Generators distribute the emulsion in drops of no more than 50 microns (typically 20-30 microns) and distribute the mist evenly throughout the treated site using a fan. Such drops can hang in the air for a long time. They enter less accessible places with air and eliminate all flying and creeping pests. With time, drops come in contact with each other, get bigger and settle, evenly covering the entire surface.


Most often, the sprayer generator is used for disinsection of warehouse and production units.

Insect control program

We develop an insect control programme consisting of two parts:
1. set of preventive measures;
2. elimination means.

Set of preventive measures includes our recommendations and advice for premises and areas requiring elimination of insects. Fulfilment of recommendations and advice will ensure successful disinsection.

Means of Destruction – insecticidal flying insect catching lamps with sticky screens or electric shock nets are most commonly used. These lamps are created using the patented Synergetic® technology increasing the number of insects caught. The use of adhesive tape traps helps determine the type of creeping insects, the conditions of their emergence, and helps applying early elimination activities, thus limiting access of insects to the premises.

SIA PELIAS pest control specialists individually evaluate the sanitary condition of the companies. We prepare CCP – critical control points according to the HACCP, where we evaluate danger risk factors related to food production process, packaging and tare storage conditions and threats during storage and transportation.

As a result, we define and implement the most efficient pest control means applying the latest technologies helping avoid the risk of recurrent emergence of rodents as much as possible.

Disinsection of grain towers (silos).

Grain towers are disinfected in two ways: wet and aerosol disinsection. In the wet type disinsection the insecticide is diluted with water to form a working mixture. Spraying is carries out by manual or motorized sprayer in accessible places, tower floors, walls up to 6.5 m height. Aerosol-type disinsection is carries out by dusting generators creating a cold emulsion mist reaching the less-accessible places (at the top of the tower) and eliminating all flying and creeping pests. When treating grain towers, we also carry out disinsection of conveyor belts and adjacent floors and walls.

Problems caused by quarantine pests.

If quarantine pests have been detected as a result of phytosanitary control – we will be able to help you!
It is within our power to eliminate or disinfect your cargo or site from pests, viruses and bacteria. Regardless of location of the object, whether it came by air, rail, water or road.