Getting rid of wasps

Wasps tend to set up a nest near people, such as rooftops, board slots, firewood ridges, attics, tree cavities, bird cages, mailboxes, and other places where they will be protected from rain and direct sunshine. The nest is made of paper-like material – rotten wood, which is chewed and moistened with saliva.

If the wasps have created their nest in a place where they do not interfere with humans, they should not be destroyed because their operation in the garden is useful – they pollination the garden plants and help in the fight against pests.

At the same time, wasps are unpredictable and aggressive insects whose stings, especially if a person is allergic to insect bites, can be dangerous to human health and even life.
Wasps are most active in summer when berries and fruits are ripe. Therefore, be careful to eat fruit and drink sweetened drinks, because they attract also bees, wasps and hornets. And the most dangerous situations can arise if you drink an unnoticed wasp, and it stings in your tongue or throat.

Therefore, if there are regular sting threats and, especially if there are small children at home, then in order to feel safe, the wasp nest must be removed on its own or call professional pest control specialists.

A wasp nest exists one season. The best time to get rid of the wasps’ nest is spring, when the young wasps’ females have only started to form their home after winter.
However, if the nest was spotted later, in the summer, when it had become bigger (the number of wasps can be several hundred), it is not easy to get rid of it, and it must be done particularly careful. Wasps near to their nest are more aggressive, and if they feel threatened, they can attack in swarm and they can sting repeatedly.

However in the autumn the old female wasp (the nest’s maker), the work wasps and the males die. Only new wasp females overwinter. In spring, the young female wasps fly out, find the place for the new nest, and start everything from the beginning. They usually do not use the old nest, but they are building a new one near the previous place.

If it is not possible to get rid of wasps’ nest on your own then it should be entrusted to professional pest control professionals. Pest control specialists have special protective suits and equipment, and they will know which disinfectant and in what amount to use.

No preparatory work is required before to get rid of wasps’ nest. Only during the treatment people should stay indoors and the windows must be closed.
It should be noted that in some situations wasps’ nest can be hidden and hard to access, therefore some repair work may have to be carried out after the nest is removed. So even the nest can be high when a hoist or other special equipment is needed to destroy it, which in turn increases the costs. The harder to access the nest, the more time-consuming the destruction of wasps is.