Bed bugs inspection

The most important and at the same time the most difficult step in eliminating bed bugs is detection.
Unfortunately, most people find out about the presence of bed bugs too late. Because, quite simply, it is
difficult to notice them in the initial stage of infestation, they usually come out only at night, when a
person is sleeping. But the longer they are in your home, the bigger the infestation.

The first sign that people usually feel or notice is itchy redness on the skin caused by bed bug bites. At
the same time, people most often consider it an allergic reaction to food. Therefore, the cause remains
undiscovered. It should also be noted that there are people who do not have an allergic skin reaction
from bed bug bites. People come to us for help only when they see a live bed bug crawling around, that
is, when the infestation is already spread.

Therefore, if bed bugs are suspected, PELIAS recommends a professional inspection of your home or
business. PELIAS pest control specialists are trained, knowledgeable and experienced and despite the
fact that sometimes bed bugs are difficult to spot, evidence of bed bugs can be found by looking for
signs such as:

  • black or brown stains on bed linen or mattress;
  • black dots on the bed frame, mattress, furniture, floor.

PELIAS specialists will carefully check places where bed bugs usually hide, i.e. mattress, sofa, other
upholstered furniture, carpet, etc. places.

As a result of the inspection, you will find out:

  • presence or absence of bed bugs in your home or business;
  • the most appropriate treatment method in case of infestation;
  • recommendations to get rid of bed bugs.

PELIAS understands how worrying a bed bug infestation can be in your home or business, so our team
will help get rid of them. To learn more about bed bug inspection or treatment methods, contact us.