Ants attack on your property!

Ant appears at the beginning of the warm season. Basically, ants like places where they can undisturbedly form a nest. But since in spring ants lack food outside, they come to people in search of food. A very small gap is enough for ants to easily enter your home. If any of the ants finds food in your house, then the others will soon follow. Favorable conditions encourage ants to appear and stay for a long time.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the storage of food in closed containers, pet food bowls, and the cleanliness of kitchen surfaces by collecting crumbs and spilled food. This way you can keep the ants from entering your house.

Besides the house, a favourite place for ants is a yard – flower beds, piles of stones or twigs. However, if ants are housed in a children’s playground, then they should be destroyed, because for protection purposes, they tend to sting a person. Ants also form caves in the lawn, which resemble small hills or settle under a cobblestone, eroding sand beneath it, as a result of which it can invade.

If ants are in your house or yard and you want to get rid of them, then the most effective way will be disinsection – extermination of ants with effective means, performed by experienced PELIAS specialists.